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Hounen Matsuri 5/7

The big phallus is 2.5 meters long

The Big One

The villagers carry on their shoulders a big 2.5 meter long penis, protruding out on both sides of a portable shrine. 60 men work in alternating shifts shouting "hoh-sho hoh-sho", while running, stopping apruply, or turning the shrine around in circles. Some times the 400 kg object almost seems to tip over.

Closeup view of the big phallus

Mr. Kunimitsu Saiki, an almost 90 year old man, carves the big 60 centimeter diameter phallus out of a single Japanese cypress tree trunk. He has been doing this each year since he was 17.

Villagers carry a small shrine

Another portable shrine appears. This one contains a puppet representing the god Takeinadane-no-mikoto. Also this shrine is carried around in all directions.

Created 1998-03-15

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